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The Character:

Gloomlion is my soon-to-be new main, a Goblin Death Knight on the Dath’Remar (Oceanic) server.

Many people will know me from my previous main, Boize (pronounced “boys”), a level 80 Tauren Druid. Previously named Vargarth on the Proudmoore (US) server, I transferred away from a predominantly American-based server (although there was a strong Australian/Oceanic core, it was still much smaller in terms of the whole server, or at least Horde side) to Dath’Remar.

Boize has been specced into, and raided as, every talent tree at some point in time. He was resto-specced for endgame BC, as well as early Wrath, but shortly after patch 3.0 I hung up my leaves and donned a whole bunch of feathers. He has also been specced feral for both tanking and DPS for raid content in Wrath, but spent the majority of time DPSing as a Moonkin in raids. However, after playing a Druid for a couple of years, I feel it is time for a change. That change comes in the small, green, pointy-nosed, plate-wearing form of Gloomlion.

The Player:

A gamer from New Zealand, I play both computer and console games (PS3 in particular), although my time to do so has been reduced substantially by my chosen course of study.

Previous to playing WoW, I was a big FPS’er. I used to dabble in a few MMOs, but mainly played FPS. When I heard about WoW, it was one of those games that I knew a few people who played, but didn’t want to become sucked in, to become ‘addicted to the World of Warcrack‘. However, I eventually succumbed and started playing WoW in January 2008.

Prior to “The Green Rune”, I was the author of the Moonkin-oriented blog “Moonglade”. However, I was forced to stop writing that blog when I no longer had any time left to play WoW. Now that I have returned, I decided that I don’t want to keep blogging about Moonkin if I’m no longer playing one as my main, and so TGR was born so I could start blogging (again), but this time about Death Knights and my time in the World of Warcraft in general.

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